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Welcome to our Treasured Family



Beloved Lesson Horse, Owned by Ann-Louise

Ashley is a Full Lippitt, born in 2005 and arrived at CLF in August 2013.  She is the daughter of our Beloved Mint Black Jack (1995-2018) x Special Occasion.  Ashley is our main riding lesson mount for Children ages 3-15.  She is sweet, loving, patient and of course beautiful.  She is the trusted mount for Vaulting Surcingle lessons and to watch a young child standing up on her back is beyond amazing.  She is a many time In-Hand winner, including 2x winner of the "Ancient Mare Standard" at the Lippitt Country Show.  As a weanling, Ashley won Reserve Champion Weanling in the Maine Morgan Futurity.



Beloved member of CLF, owned by Ann-Louise

Dee is a Full Lippitt Lineage Morgan born May 11, 2000. She arrived at CLF in June 2011.  Dee loves attention, grooming, doing round pen ground lessons and is part of our Emotional Therapy for those that want to work on anxiety challenges.  She is amazing at mirroring back people's emotions and giving them feedback on bringing their energy level down.  She is truly loved and a sweet soul.  With her previous owner, she had 2 beautiful Full Lippitt colts, to carry on her lineage.



Happy resident of CLF, owned by Ann-Louise

Promise was rescued from one of the worst kill pens, after going through kill auctions in the Midwest.  Promise was listed as a Morgan (definitely not) and her coggins test listed her as a QH/Mustang Cross born in 2001. She was 9 months pregnant and had a coming yearling daughter at her side.  "Tribute" was born at a quarantine farm in Virginia before arriving at CLF as a family.  Flicka, as we called her daughter, is sadly not with us.  Promise is used in the Round Pen for Ground Training lessons and enjoys those interactions.  She was used for lessons under saddle for about 6 months and became unpredictable to ride.  She enjoys being groomed, attention and the quiet atmosphere of CLF.

Tribute and Becky bonding Sept 2019_edited.jpg


Former resident of CLF,  was owned by Ann-Louise

Tribute is the son of Promise born June 2018, while she was at a quarantine farm in Virginia.  His sire was said to be a Suffolk Draft and Flicka was said to be a full sibling.  His name came from "Such a Tribute" that he survived his start in life and how wonderful he is. He arrived at CLF at just 8 days old.  Tribute was so much fun to work with and bring along in the Round Pen and was wearing tack and getting used to the training to become a wonderful riding or driving horse.  He was brought by his owner to a special draft/draft cross farm in VIrginia to find his forever home.  So happy to say that he has been adopted by a young man that helped at that facility and he has his forever home.

Danni with bling so beautiful_edited.jpg


Minis Helping Many,  beloved friend of "Auntie Sue"

Danni is a beautiful Buckskin colored Miniature Horse, born May 6, 2004.  We all believe that "Jack" sent her just 2 short weeks after he passed (12-3-18) to help mend Karen's broken heart.  She fit right in immediately and we began the journey to restore her health.  She is thriving with all of the love and attention and she was the start of our program "Minis Helping Many".  She has an amazing ability to brighten everyone's day and especially her "Auntie Sue" loves to come visit her.

Prince St Patty with moose 3-21_edited.jpg


Minis Helping Many and Karen's Buddy filling Jack's shoes

"Prince" or as Karen calls him "Prince Charming" joined the farm in March 2019.  He was born April 13, 2012 and is a Palomino and White Pinto Miniature Horse.  He and Danni were born at the same farm "Little Kings" and share the same grandfather, they took very different paths around the country and miraculously both ended up at CLF at their forever home.  Prince has the honor of living in Jack's stall and Karen's heart.  He is also part of the "Minis Helping Many" program and loves to make people smile.

Cloud Christmas 2021_edited.jpg


CLF resident Baby Sitter extraordinaire

Cloud was bought at an auction as a yearling and was said to be Amish raised.  We do not have a birth date but she was born in 2016.  She was bought by friends, Earl and Posey, at that auction and was bred as a 2 year old to an Appy colored Mini and "Dreamer" was born in May 2019.  Karen purchased them both and they were delivered in June 2019.  Cloud had taken on the job of "babysitter" to a friend's Mini from Jan 2021-September 2021 and then became a babysitter for Becky's QH, Jayce, after his barn buddy "Woodstock" went over the Rainbow Bridge in Nov. 2021.  Cloud is only 30" tall but don't let her tiny size fool you, she is a spitfire and loves lots of attention.

Cloud Dreamer.jpg


Happy with her forever family

Mother and daughter duo joined the family in June 2019.  "Dreamer" is sooty buckskin color with appy spots on her hind-end.  Her sire, a leopard appy colored Mini,  was much taller than Cloud, and by 1 year old, she was already taller than her Mom.  She loved to play with toys, balls, her doggy swimming pool and roll in fresh snow and shavings.  She is quite the character and found her forever home in 2020 with her "little girl" best buddy.  Her grandparents bought her Dreamer, so they could grow up together.  Such a happy story...



May 14, 1975 - Dec 6, 2000

Cymbal was Karen's heart horse for over 20 years.  He joined her at 5 years old as an un-halter broke Stallion.  He was a 3/4 Lippitt lineage Morgan Horse and truly versatile, they did parades, showed In-Hand, Western, Hunt, Saddleseat, Carriage Driving and was her beloved trail riding partner.

Javie at Ct Morgan_edited.jpg


Feb 27, 1976 - April 21, 2003

Javie was given to Karen at 13 years old and was meant to be a buddy for Cymbal.  He turned out to be the most incredible lesson horse and show mount for children and showed the true versatility of the Morgan Breed.  From 3 year old children to timid adult pleasure riders, he took care of them all.  Javie excelled at Saddleseat, Huntseat, Western, Side-Saddle, Bareback, Classic Driving.... from leadline riders up to Karen's beloved show horse.  Karen's highlight with Javelin was performing in the UPHA "Symphony of Horses" riding Western Side-Saddle in a duo with Shanna Gregg on Simon (Saddlebred) to Camelot performed by the Symphony.
AMHA Bronze Medallion Open Competition
He Loved his "Auntie Sue" and was gifted to her in his retirement.

Jed 1997 carriage at Fair-cropped_edited.jpg


April 13, 1978 - Sept 4, 2007

Jed was such a beloved Morgan during his years at CLF, on lease from his wonderful owner, Johnna.  He was such a patient and careful children's mount and took Karen's niece, Becky, in her first Woodstock Fair Horse Show.  Becky had just turned 2 and had been riding Jed since she was 1 1/2 years old.  She did all of the control of him, including trail obstacles and they were the crowd favorite and placed 4th out of 17 entries.  He was also the most amazing Carriage Driving partner and was shown by a young student, Jen.  Karen drove Jed and rode him Western, Side-Saddle Western, Saddleseat, they were always the crowd favorite in Carriage Ride and Drive.  He was the trusted Hunt Side-Saddle mount for Siana when she was little and their highlight was doing a demo at the Equine Affaire and their first time off of the leadline, in front of a very enthusiastic crowd.   After Karen did a musical free-style demo riding Western Side-Saddle carrying the American Flag and performing to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA".  Karen and Jed were a force to be against in any timed cones Carriage competition, he was incredibly fast and agile.  He spent his retirement years in Vermont with his beloved owner, he is truly missed by many.



April 21, 1987 - October 29, 2010

"Fred" was the impressive son of Waseeka's Showtime x Saddleback Seasong (by Saddleback Supreme).  He was Karen's "meant to be" lifetime partner and they would have gone through fire for each other.  Fred joined CLF in January 1992, the same month that Cherry Ledge Farm started in business.  They showed In-Hand, Saddleseat, Huntseat and was Becky's leadline mount for Western.  To watch them compete was incredible and his natural motion and canter departures were a favorite of every show photographer.  They had many show highlights and here are just a few: 
AMHA Bronze Medallion for Open Competition
AHSA Zone 1 Open Park Saddle Champion
AHSA Nationally Open Park Reserve Champion
NEMHA many time year-end Champion or Reserve-Open Park, Road Hack, English Pleasure
CMHA many time year-end Champion or Reserve- Open Park, Road Hack, English Pleasure, In-Hand, Open Competition
TSHA multi years-Morgan, Open Saddleseat, Adult Saddleseat, and 2 time High Point Saddleseat Tack Truck winner.
They won hundreds of ribbons and were written up in many show articles and included in the August 1994 Morgan Horse magazine article on Waseekas Showtime.
Fred crossed the Rainbow Bridge with his barn buddy, was one of the hardest decisions ever.

Flicka with Becky and I_edited.jpg


April 26, 2005 - Oct 29. 2010

"Flicka was the dream cross for my Morgan Breeding Program.  She was the magic mix of my beloved, Mint Black Jack and the Waseeka blood that Fred carried.  Flicka was incredibly put together and a wonderful temperament to match."  Flicka was the only one to beat her Sire in the Open Model Horse Class at Woodstock Fair, they each won their age class and went head to head for the Championship.  Flicka won all of her In-Hand classes except for 2 seconds in her 4 years of showing.  Karen was able to buy her as a weanling and there were such big plans for her show and breeding future.  Her loss was a huge emotional toll and she had been diagnosed with a severe sidebone issue at 4 years old and Karen spent the following year sending her x-rays around the country to find out possible options...there weren't any...she crossed the Rainbow Bridge with her barn buddy Fred, to end her pain.

jack winner_edited.jpg


May 20, 1995 - Dec 3, 2018

Jack was Karen's Heart and Soul Horse.  He was a Full Lippitt Lineage Morgan  sired by Jake Mint and out of Mint Barb.
Jack was 4 time "Lippitt Morgan of the Year" awarded by the Lippitt Club, this is international recognition.
Jack sired only 3 Registered off-spring.  Karen's near fatal accident and 2 years later Jack's cancer diagnosis ended his breeding career as it was just starting to be recognized.  That was such a heart break and to lose his daughter, Flicka, at just 5 years old.
Read Jack's story on this website and enjoy the Tribute Video link of his life in pictures (Thank you Kaitlyn for such an amazing gift).

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